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Hello, I'm Yann Durand, AKA Nefaden, a french full-stack developer

About me

Born in Nantes in 1997, I've always been a fan of digital and video games. In 2015 after my baccalaureate I decided to go to the university of computer science (without much success) but I continued in this field, to do what I like the most. Today, I'm software engineer developer, salary and freele. I've decided to participate more on the web by making video and blog posts to share my passion and my knowledge. I hope you will learn a lot of things here!

I'm on the web

If you want to take a look on what am I doin on Internet, following these links :

Projects and Skills

Language SkillsTools Mastery
  • JavaScript
  • TypeScript
  • Java
  • Kotlin
  • Python
  • Swift
  • SQL (and NoSQL)
  • Git (GitHub & GitLab)
  • PostgreSQL | MongoDB
  • ElasticSearch | Redis
  • Docker
  • CI (Actions, GitLab-CI, Drone-CI)
  • Kubernetes | Ansible
  • Scaleway (Debian & Ubuntu OS)

Some projects for example :


JavaScript, Ionic, AR.js

Children's color app using image and color recognition to generate 3D model based on the picture and colors. 3D Models are made with Blender and the app use Ionic-React along with AR.js who use Three.js aswell


JavaScript, Hapi, Python

Grasbook is a social network based on food. Using micro-services approaches to create it, with Hapi. Using Javascript for most API, Python for messaging API and React for the front. Using Keycloak as IAM and gitlab-ci for CI/CD

Who's that actor

Python, TensorFlow, Pulsar, React

Voice recognition to identify who's speaking in a movie. Using AI (TensorFlow, deep learning and neuronal network), python for the model and API, React for the front app and Pulsar for managing requests and queues


React, Ansible, GitHub Actions

An App to manage your contacts. A playground for me to learn React, Ansible and GitHub Actions

Take a look to other repositories

My resume

2021 - NOWBackend developer for the France Interior Ministry @Accenture
and teacher intervenor @Digi Activity

2018 - 2021Sandwich course @EPSI Nantes
and IoT developer @4CAD Group- Engineering graduate

2016 - 2018Doing my BTS SIO (SLAM option) @La Joliverie

My services

I offer my services to create website, applications or personal formations on my free time. If you have any idea, you can contact me and we'll discuss if I can help you and make an offer !

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